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RE: Deferring operation & malloc crash in 2.1.22

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> Hello there,
> So I think that I have seen all the previous posts on the
> list related
> to "deferred operation" errors showing up in the logs but none really
> gave me (a non-programmer) any clue on how to troubleshoot or
> otherwise
> correct this problem.
> I am suffering this issue currently on my production servers (I have 2
> (1 master, 1 replica), they are Mac OS X 10.2.6 with openldap 2.1.22
> and LDBM with BDB 4.1.25 running on 2 Apple XServers with 2 Gb RAM
> each).
> I get routinely 20,000 of these errors in a 24 hour period.
> Is there some what that I can track down what is the cause of these? I
> don't see High CPU, tons of I/O, Swapping, etc  on the machines. They
> simply handle a steady stream of requests (usually quickly).

Sounds like a memory leak. back-ldbm is, in general, not actively maintained,
so it's entirely possible that there are bugs of this nature still lurking in
there. It may not be explicitly deprecated in the source base, but certainly
its use is deprecated (sometimes not very politely, either)... Get hold of a
malloc debugger to track this down. If you find any systematic points in the
source code that are causing leaks, please submit an ITS report with the
relevant info.

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