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Re: auto mount

# /home, auto.master, domain.com
dn: cn=/home,nisMapName=auto.master,dc=domain,dc=com
objectClass: nisObject
cn: /home
nisMapName: auto.master
nisMapEntry: ldap:nisMapName=auto.home,dc=domain,dc=com --timeout=60
                                                                                # retail, auto.home, domain.com
dn: cn=retail,nisMapName=auto.home,dc=domain,dc=com
objectClass: nisObject
cn: retail
nisMapName: auto.home
nisMapEntry: -fstype=nfs,rw,hard,nosuid,intr server.retail.domain.com:/h
Set your Retail dept's home directories to be "/home/retail/$LOGNAME" on
the file server.  Clear the /home on your other hosts; preferably, make
/home an empty dir instead of a filesystem to itself.  Set
/etc/nsswitch.conf (Red Hat) to include "automount: ldap files".  You
can still make use of /etc/auto.master and /etc/auto.share if you want
to mount stuff on /share.


On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 17:40, Andre Luis Fogagnoli wrote:
> I have a problem with autofs.schema... I don't understand how to use
> it... Does any one have one how to or another think like that??
> Thanks...
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