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TLS problem when starting slapd


each time I want to start slapd, I get the following error message:
relocation error: slapd: undefined symbol: ldap_pvt_tls_set_option

If I remove TLS-config lines from slapd.conf, I still get this error:
relocation error: slapd: undefined symbol: ldap_pvt_tls_init

I am using debian woody, kernel 2.4, and the latest openssl and openldap packages from debian (the latter built with tls support).

This server *used* to run for at least a day, but after restarting it, approx. 30 seconds later this message appeared and the server stopped.

From this point on, all subsequent calls to slapd *immediately* fail, even a system reboot or 'rm' of /var/lib/ldap/* doesn't help.

Best regards, Bernhard Lukas

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