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user authentication on irix 6.5.20 with ldap?

hi all,

im setting up an openldap server for the user authentication, the server is
running on a box with debian woody r1, version 2.0.27 compiled with tls

authentication of users on linux machines works great, (all with tls/ssl) but so
far i was not able to do the same with our silicon graphics machines running
irix 6.5.20 (also without tls/ssl). unfortunately i am not familiar with "uns"
(unified name service) and so tried to do it similar as on the linux machines
and according to the (few) documentation (e.g. man pages) i found, i removed
the "nis" entries and added "ldap" to "group" and "passwd" in
/etc/nsswitch.conf", finaly i added the following in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf,

# ldap.conf / ldap-ns.conf
BASE    dc=biochem,dc=mpg,dc=de
URI     ldaps://ldapserv1.biochem.mpg.de

ldap_version    3
ssl     true
tls_cacert      /etc/openldap/certs/ldapserv1-cacert.pem

and in /usr/var/ns/ldap.conf :
; /usr/var/ns/ldap.conf
server   ; ip of ldapserv1.biochem.mpg.de
version 3
base    "dc=biochem,dc=mpg,dc=de"
scope   subtree

an "ldapsearch -x" shows all the ldap data saved on the ldapserver, so at least
one of the above mentioned files is used by ldapsearch correctly.

but tcpdump shows nothing when a login on the irix machine is tried.

does anyone know how to set up these files correctly?

any hint is appreceated!

thanks in advance


Markus Krause                           email: krause@biochem.mpg.de
Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry    phone: +49-89-8578-2825
Computing Center

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