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[openldap 2.1.12] ldapsearch pb in loadtest

Is it possible to know if it's normal that a same search request has different processing time during a loadtest ?
during 3 hours it's always the same time (10ms in average) for example
and suddenly it takes several seconds for each following search request ??

Thanks a lot,

Here is the ldap search request used for the loadtests :
ldapsearch -x -D "cn=admin,ou=CONTENT,o=alcatel,c=fr" -w secret -b "ou=REPOSITORY,ou=CONTENT,o=alcatel,c=fr" -h 'maillogin=+84903955507/type=plmn@mms.mobifone.com.vn' homeDirectory mailQuota mailpassword maillogin

Database content:
The database contents 10000 subscribers under the dn: "ou=REPOSITORY,ou=CONTENT,o=alcatel,c=fr"
Each subscriber has a mailbox represented by a dn in database (dn: submxid= ...) and a phone (dn: pnnumber= ...) too.
So there are 2 levels in DIT
The 'maillogin' attribute belongs to the mailbox dn that is at the second level
In the slapd.conf, the database definition doesn't contain the maillogin attribute as index (perhaps is it the reason of my problem ??) => cf. slapd.conf in attachment
Example of a subscriber in ldif format:
dn: uid=1065077984144\2B84903955507,ou=REPOSITORY,ou=CONTENT,o=alcatel,c=fr
creationdate: 200310021359Z
localelist: vn,en,fr
weblogin: +84903955507
expirationdate: 200310021359Z
profileid: 0
mail: +84903955507/type=PLMN@mms.mobifone.com.vn
uid: 1065077984144+84903955507
objectClass: commonuser
objectClass: mmsuser
accountStatus: 1
webpassword: 0000
cn: +84903955507
isintercepted: FALSE
dn: pnnumber=\2B84903955507,uid=1065077984144\2B84903955507,ou=REPOSITORY,ou=C
subpnid: 0
pntype: 2
pncaps: 7
objectClass: phoneinfo
pnnumber: +84903955507
dn: submxid=0,uid=1065077984144\2B84903955507,ou=REPOSITORY,ou=CONTENT,o=alcat
secretcode: 0000
fraudaccessnb: 0
mailMessageStore: ./Maildir
maillogin: +84903955507/type=PLMN@mms.mobifone.com.vn
objectClass: commonmailbox
objectClass: courierinfo
submxid: 0
mailQuota: 1048576
mailpassword: secret
homeDirectory: /var/mms/mail/0/00/0000000000/0

Working Environment :
Linux redhat 7.3

Attachment: slapd.conf
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