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Automatic search

Hi LDAP Masters,

Anyone help me please? because until now I can find any doucumentation or
clues about how to solve probs in my project , that is I have a plan to do
multilevel authentication in Linux. I have made 2 LDAP server, the first
contain main organization user, which should be accesses and used to login
from everywhere in the netw, the second one contains about local network
users. SO if i login (ssh) to a client it should automatically search from
second/local LDAP server which has referral to first LDAP server. So I
confuse about this, which method should i do:
1. make a referral to the first server? and is the referral definition on
slapd.conf still effective?
2. how to configure pam_ldap.conf, so it can do a search to both LDAP
server? or to 1 server but automatically with referral options (-C) ?

Anyway, any answer would be very helpfull to me..
Thank you

Best Regards
Widi Pradnyana