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Re: OpenSSL + Kerberos + Cyrus-SASL + OpenLDAP

Ben Poliakoff wrote:

I'll speak for many (I imagine); I'm very interested in looking at these
patches. Are you comfortable making them generally available?

I've (finally) got around to submitting these to the Cyrus SASL folks:


I think Debian were looking at including them in their SASL package, too.

Have you used them in a "production environment"?

Yes, we're using them live. We've been doing so for the last few months with Cyrus SASL 2.1.15, and before that with 1.5.28. We haven't seen any threading-related issues in that time.

(Running without them on a hyperthreaded dual-processor machine fairly rapidly leads to data corruption and crashes in the Kerberos library)