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> > Following up on my own post, just for the archives:
> >
> > ldapwhoami and ldapsearch using PLAIN and DIGEST-MD5 work as they should
> > now with previously sated slapd.conf sasl regexps. As Igor pointed out,
> > the CRAM-MD5 does not give the required result. Unfortunate for clients
> > like Mozilla 1.4 that insist on using it.
> The ldapdb auxprop plugin has to use PLAIN and DIGEST-MD5, however Mozilla
> 1.4 can use CRAM-MD5 or any other mech offered by the imap (?) server.
> Mozilla ---CRAM-MD5---> imapd --> ldapdb ---DIGEST-MD5---> slapd

True. The intent for 2.1.23 was to also remove any restrictions between
ldapdb and slapd, but I missed part of the change. I've fixed this in CVS,
give it a try when you get a chance...

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