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Re: Greater-equal/Less-than-equal comparisons

On Sat, 11 Oct 2003 at 4:57pm, Peter Marschall wrote:

> What I want to say is: numbers have an ordering, so attributes with a number
> syntax should be given an ordering matching rule. Strings can have
> substrings, so attributes with string syntaxes should be given a substring
> rule. If the strings syntax is so that an ordering is "natural", why not
> giving these strings an appropriate ordering rule (e.g. aphabetical
> ordering).

Pardon me... a little clarification please.  Are you suggesting that
slapd should automatically add those matching rules whether they are
specified in the schema or not?  Or, are you suggesting that the schema
files should be modified to include those matching rules?

If you are suggesting the former, then I will strongly disagree with
you.  I have "string" type attributes in the private schema I have
created which do not have substring matching rules precisely because I
don't want them to.  I have created my own version of uid which does not
allow substring matching because of the fear that substring searches on
uid are too easy a target to harvest email addresses.

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