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Re: High volume ldap queries causing corruption in bdb backend.

Hi, I'm knee deep in what seems to be the same problem described in 
eariler emails with this same subject.  

Looking at db_stat, locks and memory seem happy.  db_verify tells me 
'Database verification failed' even when things seem OK.  

Has anyone found a definitive solution?

To summarise, under load something goes bad and ldap slows to a crawl.  
Queries that used to take 1.5 seconds then take 10 minutes.  The problem
seems to be in the data files, because restarting the slapd doesn't help,
and rebuilding the database ala slapcat/slapadd in my case and db_recover
-c in the case of the earlier poster seems to be the only way to restore
performance.  I can copy bad datafiles to another box and see the same
performance trouble.

I'm running Linux, RH 9.  
OpenLdap 2.1.22
Berkeley DB 4.1.25

Any hints appriciated

-Dylan Martin
 Unix Admin, Seattle Central Community College