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RE: Trying to get the ldapdb plugin working.

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> What version of ldapdb do you use?  I recommend fetching the
> latest one from the the openldap CVS.

Good advice, although it's not going to make a difference here. The ldapdb
code is not the problem.

> -Igor
> On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Tarjei Huse wrote:

> > Next, I need normal users to log in to the imapserver. I'm using ispman
> > to mange my directory so my users have dns like:
> > uid=tru_trude_com,ou=users,ispmanDomain=trude.com,o=ispman
> >
> > so I have set up two extra regexes:
> > sasl-regexp uid=(.+),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth
> > uid=$1,ou=users,ispmanDomain=(.+),o=ispman
> >
> > sasl-regexp uid=(.+),cn=(.+),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth
> > uid=$1,ou=users,ispmanDomain=(.+),o=ispman

> > They should cover all eventualities.

These are not valid sasl-regexp directives. The second part must contain only
constant text or "$X" string replacements, not pattern specifiers "(.+)".
Most likely you need to use a search specifier instead of a fixed pattern:

  sasl-regexp uid=(.+),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth

The second pattern may be better as

  sasl-regexp uid=(.+),cn=(.+),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth

And of course you should exchange the order; the most specific rule must be
listed first in order for it to ever be matched.

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