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Re: Replication/ Clients update slave

Hi Thorsten
where is your replogfile

replogfile /var/ldif/replog

have you considered that the

binddn="cn=admin,dc=muehlhan,dc=com" bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

are a continuation of the replica-line and therefore need an indent in the config file?


Thorsten Mauch wrote:

Hi I have a a simple master - slave relationshop between 2 server
the master slapd.conf contain:

replica host=ldapslave.muehlhan.com tls=yes
binddn="cn=admin,dc=muehlhan,dc=com" bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

and the slave:
updatedn   "cn=admin,dc=muehlhan,dc=com"
updateref  "ldaps://ldap.muehlhan.com"

the replication from the master to the slave work perfect. My problem is that the clients can update the slave server directly, instead
of beeing
forwarded to the master server. Does there is anything in the configuration missing to enforce the
forwarding to the master server ?
I realy read the admin guide more then once but I don't know where is my
Is there anyting in the config missing ?