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Re: win 2k clients

FWIW OS/X clients can bind using either netinfo or LDAPv3. We use the LDAP option here. If you can get 2k clients to auth using LDAP, that works, or else you can get Samba to use the same user database as your LDAP server and talk to the PCs and a PDC.

This in fact is exactly how Apple provides directory services in Mac OS X Server. OpenLDAP and Samba both using the same user database. Mac OS X (and any other *nix) auth using LDAP and PCs can "join" the directory server like a PDC.


On Oct 3, 2003, at 11:05 AM, Adam Williams wrote:

I'm in the pre planning phase of the infrastructure
build at this place I work for.  As a heads up for
myself, I'd like to know if any here have auth'd 2K
clients and osx clients against and openldap server?
I may use a combo of samba and distro'd passwd file
for now but before it gets outta hand, I would like to
switch to some kind of directory service.

Samba can use LDAP to store it's SAM, so no problem. But you do need Samba (preferably 3.x.x) to support Win32 clients. Mac OS/X provides native NSS-like functionality, called netinfo or something.