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Title: dependencies

P.S. The reason I ask is that even with the 2.1.22 "Release" version my test008-concurrency is locking up on me again.  How long should that take to complete on a dual PIII 800?  Anyway, any advice would be grand.


I'm compiling openldap on Redhat 9 which already has an older version of openldap (2.0.27 I think) and dependencies like SASL, Kerberos, Berkeley DB, and OpenSSL.  These are not all installed in /usr/local however so when I compile and 'make install' OpenSSL, Berkeley DB, MIT Kerberos, and SASL these are placed in /usr/local so now there are both versions on the machine.  How do I ensure that my OpenLDAP is being configured to run with the correct (new, built by me) versions of these dependencies?  How do I check to see which it's using?

Many thanks!


James Courtney
InPhonic, Inc.