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RE: slow adds of member attribute in large groups

On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, James Courtney wrote:

> As I'm still learning OpenLDAP (as if that wasn't obvious from my
> previous emails:)) I was wondering what the set_* settings below are for
> and where they are set (apparently not slapd.conf).

These are configuration settings for the underlying Berkeley database
software for the bdb backend. They are set in the DB_CONFIG file in the
database home directory. You can find detailed information about the
settings at:


> ----
> set_cachesize 0 536870912 1

size of the in memory cache

> set_lg_max 262144000

maximum size of a log file

> set_lg_bsize 52428800

in memory buffer size for log files

> set_lg_regionmax 52428800

Black Magic -- no clear explanation, although increasing the value seems to
have resolved some problems I was having with fatal region errors.

> set_lg_dir /var/ldap

directory for log files

> set_lk_max_locks 10000
> set_lk_max_lockers 5000
> set_lk_max_objects 10000

various lock settings.

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