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openldap 2.1 + openbsd

has someone recently test openldap 2.1 on openbsd. port tree has only 2.0.27 and i tried to compile 2.1.22-stable on openbsd-current (near 3.4: 17/10 snapshot) but i encounter following problems:

with --enable-wrappers
configure:19837: cc -o conftest -g -O2 -I/usr/local/include
-I/opt/include -L/usr/local/lib -L/opt/lib conftest.c  -lwrap -lnsl 1>&5
In file included from configure:19824:
/usr/include/tcpd.h:108: syntax error before `size_t'
/usr/include/tcpd.h:115: syntax error before `in_addr_t'
/usr/include/tcpd.h:116: syntax error before `dot_quad_addr'
/usr/include/tcpd.h:116: warning: data definition has no type or storage

there is also a linking problem with cyrus-sasl2 due to sero size of
if i disable it, and add db-4, i can compile but make test fails:

Starting test001-slapadd ...
running defines.sh
Datadir is ./data
Cleaning up in ./test-db...
Running slapadd to build slapd database...
Starting slapd on TCP/IP port 9009...
Using ldapsearch to retrieve all the entries...
Filtering ldapsearch results...
Filtering original ldif used to create database...
Comparing filter output...
comparison failed - database was not created correctly
./test-db/ldapsearch.flt ./test-db/ldif.flt
./scripts/test001-slapadd failed (exit 1)
*** Error code 1

Stop in /share2/tmp/openldap-2.1.22/tests (line 258 of Makefile).
*** Error code 1



note: final configure options are:
	--with-kerberos --enable-slapd --enable-cleartext \
	--enable-crypt \
	--enable-phonetic \
	--enable-dnssrv \
	--enable-ldap \
	--enable-shell \
	--enable-passwd \
	--enable-slurpd \
	--without-cyrus-sasl \
	--enable-ipv6 --enable-monitor \