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Alternative to OpenLDAP

Hello everyone ...

This might be off topic - but does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement/alternative for
OpenLDAP that would provide a central *password* repository and preferably integrate into AD?
Supported clients need to include most common OSes such as Solaris, Tru64, HP/UX, AIX,
Redhat/Linux, OSX, etc.

Specifically, a commercial product?  I'm mostly looking for someone who has considerable knowledge
of such product and could give a word or two why the product is a preferred alternative.  I can search
the net and read glossy sales documents or paid "reviews" ... but I'm interested in real world experiences.

I keep hearing and seeing that everyone and their grandmother has LDAP/SSO working and I'm just wondering
what people are using *other* than OpenLDAP (as this no longer appears a viable solution).

Thank you.


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