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Re: failover timeout.

hi Pierre-Yves,
i have had the same "problem" i.e. pam-ldap on two replicated (via slurpd) servers:
i created a "virtual" host in the dns containing both IP addresses of the two ldap servers. with the new dns protocols you will have a DNS-round-robin for the two ldap servers.
then a shut one down ldap-serve and the pam-ldap service just continued from the other part of this virtual dns host.
it may depend on which version of bind you have on your dns for the DNS-round-robin to take effect. I have version 9.1.x installed. so be warned, test the behaviour before making it active.


pierre-yves.verdon wrote:


i'm planning to install a slave with my master ldap server. They are used for authentication purpose.
The ldap.conf on a client will include the master and the slave server.
If the master is down, how many time did the client wait before asking the slave server? where could i change this timeout?