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Re: Multi-valued attributes with jdbc-ldap driver

Unfortunately the UPDATE and DELETE statements do not as of yet support multi-valued attributes. While we are exploring this, one of our goals in developing these drivers is to stay as close as possible to the SQL standard. Certain circumstances such as specifying the search scope or creating a dynamic base context on an INSERT have had to change how the SQL is written. While LDAP has direct support for manipulating attributes at the entry level, SQL doesn't.

To address this we are contemplating adding new SQL like statements that would handle functionality that currently can not be handled by SQL in a manageable fashion. An example may be:

UPDATE ENTRY dn [DELETE | ADD | RENAME] attribute1[=value], attribute2[=value2] WHERE attribute1=?, attribute2=?...

This functionality is difficult to perform using the current UPDATE statement because UPDATE can work on both a single entry or a set of entries that match a filter based on a search scope.

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to integrate ldap into a current JDBC based app or are you trying to access LDAP from a bre-built JDBC client such as a reporting engine?

Marc Boorshtein

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 06:37  AM, Daniel Merino wrote:

Hi everybody.

My question is: how could I add or delete values of a multi-valued attribute with a SQL sentence in the jdbc-ldap driver?

I.e., if I have two values in the attribute "city", like London and Paris, how can I delete only Paris? And how can I add the new value Madrid to that attribute? I know how to do it with ldapmodify, but I dont know if the octectstring driver allow to do this.

Somebody knows if it's possible?
Thanks a lot.

-- Daniel Merino

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Marc Boorshtein
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