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Re: Samba + poptop + LDAP

> I currently have samba and pam working with ldap, but after installing pptpd 
> with the ldap patch, the ldap search is not returning anything for the PPTPD 
> daemon.
> syslog: 
> Linux pppd[3359]: LDAP Search String: (&(uid=kevin)(objectClass=sambaAccount)) 
> linux pppd[3359]: attributes defined 
> linux slapd[3140]: conn=12 op=1 SRCH 
> base="ou=Users,dc=linux,dc=test,dc=network" scope=0 
> filter="(&(uid=kevin)(objectClass=sambaAccount))" 
> linux slapd[3140]: conn=12 op=1 SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=0 text= 
> linux pppd[3359]: search issued 
> linux pppd[3359]: No Match Found In Directory
> but while I run a ldapsearch of: 
> ldapsearch -x -b 'ou=Users,dc=linux,dc=test,dc=network' 
> '(&(uid=kca)(objectClass=sambaAccount))' 'ntpassword'
> I get the output of the ntpassword attribute.
> In the pppldap patch, the scope id was set to 0 and was not returning any 
> values. After chaning it to 1, it find the password but im getting a fatal 
> error 11.

I wrote the patch.

This probably isn't really and openldap related question.

Something "recently" broke this.  glibc, or gcc, or something.  The same
code I used to create a working server on RH6.x just doesn't work - it
just dies with a Sig 11.  I've only made a cursory attempt (and failed)
to track down the why.  Probably won't work on it much more either, we
are dropping PPTP support (for Win9x users) for our users and moving to
OpenVPN (supported on 2000/XP).