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Re: Problem with schema

ok. your comments are easy, but i still need this matching rules. Dou you know anybody that changed the code for this propose?

anybody have idea of the zone of code dedicate to apply the matching rules?



Chris Brook wrote:

Matching Rules are part of the syntax, and syntaxes are embedded in the
code, that is you cannot add a new one without writing code.  Entrust has a
lot of private syntaxes (including matching rules) and these are typically
only implemented in Entrust (or Entrust compliant) products.  So unless you
want to add your syntaxes to OpenLDAP, you are out of luck. Unless somebody
out there has developed an Entrust-compliant version of OpenLDAP.
Chris Brook

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hello alls:

   im try to adapt the entrust schema but i have a problem, i dont have
the matching rule and i  dont know how declare
a new matching rule in my schema, anybody have any idea?