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Just wondering ... new documentation?



I’m just wondering if anyone is aware of any *new* documentation that will

clearly show how to get openldap (latest version?) working with all the bells

and whistles (ie: Kerberos, mit and/or heimdal, gssapi/sasl, etc)… for solaris

8 server – with solaris 8 and 9 clients, redhat clients, tru64 clients, etc.

It would also be nice to see kerbose auth’d access for ldap replication, passwords

stored in Kerberos, not ldap.


If there isn’t any [new/correct] documentation for this, does anyone know

of any consultants or consulting firms that could provide the above?


Please feel free to send me a private email.  If there is any useful NEW

information, I’ll summarize to the list.




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