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Title: uniqueMemberMatch

Does anyone know where to get a detailed description of the behavior of each matching rule supported by OpenLDAP?  The Admin manual doesn't seem to contain such a thing.

I'm trying to understand how uniqueness is enforced in LDAP using the groupOfUniqueNames objectclass.  Nothing about the schema definition indicates that any uniqueness is enforced:

objectclass ( NAME 'groupOfUniqueNames'
        DESC 'RFC2256: a group of unique names (DN and Unique Identifier)'
        SUP top STRUCTURAL
        MUST ( uniqueMember $ cn )
        MAY ( businessCategory $ seeAlso $ owner $ ou $ o $ description ) )

It must have a uniqueMember attribute which is then indexed using the uniqueMemberMatch matching rule:

attributetype ( NAME 'uniqueMember'
        DESC 'RFC2256: unique member of a group'
        EQUALITY uniqueMemberMatch
        SYNTAX )

The only way to enforce uniqueness that I see is if uniqueMemberMatch corresponds to a unique index.

Sorry if I'm looking at this strangely or incorrectly but I'm used to relational databases and I still haven't quite gotten comfortable talking about LDAP yet.

Thanks to all!



James Courtney
Software Engineer
InPhonic, Inc.