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Re: Ldap Services Permission

On Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 04:00:01PM -0300, Andre Luis Fogagnoli wrote:
> Does anyone know how to setup a permission in LDAP for a services in my
> computer. For example, one user have permission to login but not to
> webmail, or another user have permission to login and use a webmail. 

Your application will have to check that. For example, your webmail should
check with the ldap server if that user is allowed to access the webmail

In this case, ldap will just be a repository of information, it's up to
the applications to make use of it.

One exception is for services which use pam_ldap, you could play with
the "host" attribute I guess, but I never used it so I wouldn't know
exactly how fine grained this is.