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Re: Attribute Syntax


On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 14:06:56 +0200
Daniel Merino <daniel.merino@unavarra.es> wrote:

> But I need to mix them. I need to search in the base "ou=People,..."
> and mix the attributes of the two bases, for searching i.e. all the
> Smith that are policemen or firemen, and get the attributes of the two
> bases.
> That's why I need composed attributes, each one of that works have
> their own phone number and another possible atributes. (Police/911,
> Fire/555, etc)

Maybe you could define the attribute types policephonenumber and
firephonenumber as SUP to phonenumber. Then a search to
"phonenumber=123" should find all people who have at least one of the
phonenumber, policephonenumber and/or firephonenumber attributes
containing the value 123.