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Re: Linux LDAP authentication

Hi Ilo
i set up pam_ldap and wrote a micro-HOWTO on www.ayni.com.

i found the most complete (as far as complete can be) docu in the pam package itself.
in my distribution (SuSE 8.1) this comes up to:


i must admit, that i have not found a complete docu about the various pam_services, the config files of which are (in my dist) in /etc/pam.d. much of it was gessing therefore. But now it works find so far.


Ilo Lorusso wrote:

Does anyone know of any good documentation which will help me setup Linux LDAP authentication,
Documentation which is up-to-date and which works??
I have been using,
but to no success? has anyone else had success with the above HOWTO?
Ilo Lorusso.