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Re: Attribute Syntax

Daniel Merino wrote:

But I need to mix them. I need to search in the base "ou=People,..." and mix the attributes of the two bases, for searching i.e. all the Smith that are policemen or firemen, and get the attributes of the two bases.

That's why I need composed attributes, each one of that works have their own phone number and another possible atributes. (Police/911, Fire/555, etc)

You could, but it would then be up to your client application to parse the result correctly and return the results that you want.

LDAP is always best where only one single value is returned for a lookup. By using multi-value attributes, your client application has to be able to cope with these. An example of an application that may or may not be able cope is Postfix using LDAP "maps", that expects a single value as result of a lookup, *unless* a comma-separated list is acceptable (i.e. a mailing list with a single CN attribute). For many Postfix lookups, a comma-separated list is not acceptable.

Otherwise, as David says, use a RDB.


Tony Earnshaw

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