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Authenticating against a iPlanet iDirectory 4.1


I'm trying to authenticate a Red Hat 9 box against a iDirectory server
4.1. The version of the ldap client tools we have installed in the rh
box is 2.0.27. The problem we are having is that there's a HUGE delay
when a user (existing in the iDirectory server) authenticates to the
iDirectory server, something like 2-3 minutes. Doing some digging on the
problem we think the delay could be related to the type of
authentication, we think the iDirectory version we have doesn't support
SASL authentication, only simple. We think this because if we use
ldapsearch to search in the iDirectory server, we have to use the -x
parameter to be able to search. If we don't use it, we get the following

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: unknown authentication method.

We did another test, we replaced the iDirectory with a Open LDAP server
and we didn't have any problems.

So, the questions are:

1. How can we force the rh 9 client to use simple auth?
2. How can we make the iDirectory server authenticate wth SASL? (I know
this isn't the right list to ask this but maybe someone have had a
similar problem before and can help us)
3. What other problem could be?????


Juan Luis Baptiste