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guide to upgrading from v1 to v2


I have been given the project of upgrading from
openldap v1.2.11 (redhat v7) to v2.0.25 running on
redhat v8.

Is there a guide to upgrading? I looked at the faq and
although there is a section on upgrading, there is
very little there.

I've searched the openldap-software list and but found
only a few, not very helpful, references.

How do I go about it?

So far this is what I have done.

- Copied *.conf and /var/lib/ldap/* files across
- Removed approx from slapd.conf since this is not
supported in v2
- Had to add 'include schema/core.schema' to fix
'index attribute "uid" undefined' message, probably a
bad idea.
- starting slapd -d 256 gives me a stack of 'old
objectclass format not supported.' messages yet it
appears to start ok.

The end result is that while its running, it seems to
be broken. 

Will I have to recreate the schema/database from
scratch and if so how do I then import the data from
the old database?

Many Thanks.

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