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help lost users

Hey Everyone,
I am relatively new to openldap and I have a problem that i would really
appreciate some help with.  I am currently running openldap-2.1.22  on a
k12ltsp (redhat 9) box.  About a week ago one of my students tripped over a
power cord and cut power to the server. I restarted the server and found that
slapd would not start.  I removed the _db.xx files and ldap started.  I
discovered several days later that I  had lost 10-15 users out of about 400
from my directory.   The users cannot login and ldapsearch produces no
results.  However when i tried to re-add them i received an error that they
already exist (i am using the idealx.org scripts to manage users).  I also
cannot delete or modify the missing users because of course they are not
found.  I have tried the recovery proceeder but have not gotten my users back.
 I am completely stumped any suggestions as to what i should do would be
greatly appreciated.

Matthew Booher
Technology Coordinator 
Belleville Mennonite School