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Directory structure for Samba and Posix accounts

Hi there list,

At our school we are trying to implement Samba 3.0.0 as a PDC. Because
the school divided over several locations we want to use an OpenLDAP
for authentication purposes.
We want to have a central source of authentication. But there will be
file servers at every location all using the same LDAP server.

As I see it - but I may be wrong - there must be at least two levels
of authentication:

- Samba will have to use the LDAP for the users
- Linux will have to know those same users and their groups

I have been reading the "Samba (v.3) PDC LDAP howto", the "LDAP Linux
HOWTO" and the "LDAP Implementing HOWTO" and have allready succeeded
in letting Samba use a LDAP server using that first howto.

But now I am at a point where I will have to plan the layout for the
directory and I am puzzled/confused.

The samba howto sugested I should add my samba users to a
organizational unit like "smb". The other howtos sugest that for the
posix accounts I should use something like "people" and "groups".

The things I am wondering about are these:

- Can those ou's "smb" and "people" be the same?
- Can I have a separate ou for the machine accounts?

I would be verry pleased if someone could explain this to me, or point
me in the direction of some documentation explaining this kind of


Peter Kaagman

"I gained nothing at all from Supreme Enlightenment, and for that very
reason it is called Supreme Enlightenment."
		-- Gotama Buddha