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Using "ldap_result" API with multiple "ldap_bind"

Title: Using "ldap_result" API with multiple "ldap_bind"

Hello Group,

We are trying implement one of our applications using Asynchronous "ldap_bind",  "ldap_search"
And "ldap_result" calls. The problem we are facing is:

The sequence of event we do for each request is:

1. ldap_bind(Bind to the server using the serverdn)------->here msgid = 1
2. ldap_search(search for user entry)----->here msgid = 2
3. ldap_bind(bind to the server using username/passwd) -------> here msgid =1 

We will have a large number of outstanding requests to many ldap servers.
Is there anyway to make use of the "select" system call to wait on the response
and be able to correlate back to the original request.

(using ldap_result may not scale well for us because we may have to walk through
all the outstanding requests, get the handle and then call ldap_request every so often).

We read that the "LDAP_OPT_DESC" option in "ldap_get_option" is deprecated (and
also, this does not work if we use SSL).

Thank you for your help.

Prashant Kumar