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Re: ENC: BDB Consistency

Your questions have been answered in this ML several times in the past. Just searching for 'consistency' shows at least two threads on the subject. Anyway the answer is: there is no consistency check performed by the server, so it's the client that must perform the check and eventually take the required action. Moreover ldap is not a RDBM...

Fernando T. Martins Mano wrote:

Please, where may I find someone or somelist that reply to me these


Fernando Martins Mano

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Hello there,

I've been searching for this answer in these from the past threads, but
didn't find anything that could clarify the following:

I'm using OpenLDAP 2.1.21 on a Linux Slackware 9.0 box.

I have two entries:

dn: cn=myUser,dc=myBase,dc=myCountry
objectClass: top
objectClass: myUserObjectClass
cn: myUser
sn: myUser's Surname
group: group1
group: group2
group: group3

and another one,

dn: group=group1,dc=myBase,dc=myCountry
objectClass: top
objectClass: myGroupObjectClass
group: group1

If I delete the second entry, how it will affect the user's 'group' attribute? It won't be deleted(the attribute's value), will it? I need to have this consistency(such as "on delete cascades", on relational DB's), how can I enable it, if possible?

Thanks in advance,

Fernando Martins Mano