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Re: bdb_equality_candidates: (objectClass) index_param failed

Hi Ulrich,
I think you mean "index objectClass eq" as a try. In our all tries, it
was like this. i didn't realise the "small c" in my previous post.
sorry for that...

Additionally, I'd like to say something about performance of openLDAP
on AIX and Linux. When I search something using "phpldapadmin" tool,
it takes 0.3 seconds in Linux installation, but 3 seconds in AIX
installation. My indexes in slapd.conf are:

index objectClass eq
index userPassword eq
index uid pres,eq

and DB_CONFIG file settings are:

set_cachesize 0 100000000 10
set_lg_regionmax 262144
set_lg_bsize 2097152

The authentication staff is also very slow. I will go crazy since I
haven't found the reason whay it is so slow. Now, I'm examining
Berkeley DB settings to improve the performance. I try to change the
"access method" of Berkeley DB (from Btree to Hash). But I haven't
found how it can be set in DB_CONFIG file.

I'll be very thankfull for any help ;")

>Hej Mustafa Atakan <atakan@metu.edu.tr>,
>> the entry
>> index objectclass eq
>> is already in slapd.conf. but there is still the same log.
>I might be wrong. And it could be a waste of time, but have you tried
to check
>for case-sensitiveness? Just to make sure. As you are configuring an
>object in the LDAP server it may be important (just as a try -
nothing too
>Ulrich Habel
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