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hardware schemas and DEN


I installed openldap v2.1.22. 
My tree is very simple (basically it stores the users info) and i already had 
done some user authentications with radius.

Now, i want to store information about network devices, network policies, etc.
I´ve been looking for information about how it could be done and i found the 
Directory Enabled Networks (DEN) model. 
I´ve been studing the DEN documentation and it looks very difficulty to 
implement such thing. The schemas are huge and complicated, probably i will 
need some program(s) to put all together and i dont know if the den schemas are 
openldap compatible.
Did you already try to implement DEN with openldap? Is there any group of 
people trying to do such thing?

I know that Microsoft´s OS and Active Directory uses the DEN model. Is there 
any other ldap implementation that uses the DEN model? 

If i don´t use DEN is there any other place where i can found simple schemas 
for hardware?
Can anyone give me some directions. 

here some links about den:
https://murchison.org/den/  -> first project 
http://www.dmtf.org/standards/den    -> actual project