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BDB Consistency

Hello there,

I've been searching for this answer in these from the past threads, but
didn't find anything that could clarify the following:

I'm using OpenLDAP 2.1.21 on a Linux Slackware 9.0 box.

I have two entries:

dn: cn=myUser,dc=myBase,dc=myCountry
objectClass: top
objectClass: myUserObjectClass
cn: myUser
sn: myUser's Surname
group: group1
group: group2
group: group3

and another one,

dn: group=group1,dc=myBase,dc=myCountry
objectClass: top
objectClass: myGroupObjectClass
group: group1

If I delete the second entry, how it will affect the user's 'group'
attribute? It won't be deleted(the attribute's value), will it? I need
to have this consistency(such as "on delete cascades", on relational
DB's), how can I enable it, if possible?

Thanks in advance,

Fernando Martins Mano