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Re: version conflict

Hej Jürgen Magin <gaston@octo-soft.de>,

> How can i tell OpenLDAP that it accepts protocoll version 2 ?

according to the trustworthy manual page subsystem it's:

allow bind_v2

excerpt from manpage of slapd.conf:

allow <features >
 Specify  a  set  of features (separated by white space) to allow
 (default  none). bind_v2 allows  acceptance  of  LDAPv2  bind
 requests.   Note  that slapd (8) does not truely implement LDAPv2
 (RFC 1777), now  Historic  (RFC  3494). bind_anon_cred allows
 anonymous  bind when credentials are not empty (e.g.  when DN is
 empty). bind_anon_dn allows  unauthenticated  (anonymous)  bind
 when DN is not empty. update_anon allow unauthenticated (anony-
 mous) update operations to be processed (subject to access  con-
 trols and other administrative limits). 


Ulrich Habel
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