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RE: High volume ldap queries causing corruption in bdb backend.

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> Quanah,
> 	I setup the DB_CONFIG file and it helps.  The fast
> query scripts still start
> to slow down but not as soon as before.  Also the scripts
> with the one second
> delays ran without problems for 14,000 queries where before
> the started
> having problems at about 7000 queries.
> 	There must still be something wrong with the software
> since I still have to
> use db_recover to get response time back up to normal after a
> slowdown.
> thanks for your help.

Keep reading the SleepyCat tuning docs. Check the output of db_stat before
and after your test run. Look at db_stat -c for lock statistics and
db_stat -m for memory statistics in particular. If running db_recover cures
the problem, it's possible there is a resource leak somewhere but we can't
know without more information.

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