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Re: High volume ldap queries causing corruption in bdb backend.


	I didn't create a DB_CONFIG file so everything should be at it's default 
value.   I'll try setting the cachesize and dbcachesize, is there anything 
else I should set?


On Thursday 18 September 2003 19:27, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Thursday, September 18, 2003 11:03 AM -0700 Peter Johnson
> <paj1@humboldt.edu> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > 	I'm trying to use openldap, v2.1.22 on red-hat linux AS 2.1, to support
> > email  routing with sendmail (8.12.6).  Our email server processes
> > 50-100k messages  per day.  After running for a few hours, the ldap
> > server suddenly becomes  very slow to respond.
> > 	I can take sendmail out of the picture and duplicate the problem easily
> > with  the ldapsearch command.  I setup a shell script that loops through
> > the  alphabet and searches the ldap server as fast as it can.  Running by
> > itself,  the script can do about 200k queries per hour and overnight did
> > over 2.7M  queries without error or slow downs and the CPU load on the
> > server is only  10-15%.
> > 	The problem is that within minutes of starting a second shell script
> > both  scripts start experiencing very slow response times, 10
> > seconds/query.   Performance does not return to normal when either of the
> > scripts is killed.   Even after bouncing the ldap server processes the
> > response time is still very  slow.
> > 	The only thing that seems to fix the problem is using db_recover -c
> > before  starting the server.  If I slow the scripts down to 1
> > query/second, both  scripts can run without causing problems.
> > 	I don't understand running two high volume query scripts can corrupt the
> > bdb   database (version 4.1.25).  There are no updates being done during
> > the time  the scripts are running.
> > 	I cant imagine that 100k email messages/day is to much for openldap so
> > something must be wrong with my installation.  I am going to rebuild the
> > bdb  software to enable the test scripts and diagnostics but was hoping
> > someone  else has seen this problem.
> > 	I didn't see any bdb list servers on the sleepycat web site, is there a
> > better place to post this question?
> Hi Peter,
> Here at Stanford, we use 3 of our 9 replica servers for email routing.  The
> 3 servers handle some 375,000 connections each per day.  What type of
> settings do you have in your DB_CONFIG file for BDB?
> --Quanah

Peter Johnson	
Humboldt State University