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Hello to the list.

I am having a bit of problem in implementing LDAP client on pSOS and wondering if I can get some clue from you LDAP gurus.

My client will contact a LDAP server and do some searching with a filter, say smith*, to get a bunch of corresponding email addresses. Well, that's not a big deal.
The tricky(?) part is that my client is supposed to get a bunch of addresses defined by MAX_RETURN_QUERIES=25 at first. This addresses will be forwarded to the client that handle the user interface from my LDAP client.
On the next search, the client with the same filter should get the addresses from 26th to 50th and will do the same.
In short, the client should be capable of some sort of indexing search.
Note that the client will not have enough menory space to save every address returned from the server and communicate with the other client. This means that the search has to be done in server-side.
I have been forking around some documents for some time but did not cross anything that helps me here. If any of you know how this can be done, please let me know.
Any comments or questions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.

- Jun


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