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Re: Newbie HELP!!! Ldap + MS Outlook / Express

If you haven't already seen this tutorial you should take a look.
It should get you going.



On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 20:21, ldap@linuxpro.co.za wrote:
> Please could someone help ..
> I'm batteling to grasp how ldap works and it's config.
> And don't have time to reread the how to's.
> Outlook express gives the following error.
> "The specified Directory server could not be reached.
>  The service may be temporarily unavalible or the name may be incorrect."
> Slapd is running and as far as i can tell is listening on the default port??
> Has anyone got a how-to that will work out the box for MS Outlook , so i
> have some where to start that I know works ..
> Many Thanks In advance
> Gregory Machin
Ed Murray <mail@avenuedesign.net>