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OL 2.1.22 hangs in lwp_mutex_lock

we recently upgraded from 2.1.8 to 2.1.22 (both using BDB).  I built
2.1.22 using BDB-4.1.25 + the 1 official patch.  Everything works great,
but OL hangs from time to time (just now, last was 3 days ago). It seems
the problem is not in OL itself but in BDB:
 - in the OL log file I see that new clients are connecting
 - "db_stat -C c" hangs in lwp_mutex_lock
 - "db_stat -C c -N" prints the lock matrix and terminates ok

I can recover by killing slapd and running db_recover.

Platform is Solaris 5.7 with patchcluster from March 2003 applied (will
upgrade to the latest patchcluster now).

Is this a known problem?

so long

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