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Re: Outlook field mappings?

Eoin Verling wrote:

You can try to use "country" or "friendlyCountryName" instead of "c" (or both if you need Outlook and Express clients to work) - I don't know which one Outlook will pick.
I'm working in something like that myself - if you'd like we can do it "four hands". Here is what I'm trying to do:

Hi Jose,

I tried using those, but to no avail. In your implementation, can you see the "country" and "company" values with Outlook 2002? I'm finding this problem very strange, and (of course!) these fields are important for my users here!

If I know it works for someone else, at least then I know it's possible.


Dear Eoin Verling,

I don't have Outlook to perform the tests (I'm testing Mozilla and Outlook Express).
I've been searching the net for a "generic" solution but it seems that this will not exist: Mozilla/Netscape schema is incompatible with Outlook Express - maybe Outlook's schema is incompatible with Outlook Express!
There are People at Mozilla.org creating their own LDAP schema wright now.
I believe sysadmins. will end up with different schemas and many house made perl scripts to conv. between them, M$ will create a very "nice" utility in Outlook to "migrate" from Mozilla's new (yet unfinished) schema to the new Exchange X.X... You should know the end of this story...

Microsoft documentations indicates that "co" should work for "country":

Good luck,
José Carlos Stevenson.