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Are there instructions anywhere on how to get multimaster-enabled openldap?

I saw in 
how it should be configured, so I guess this should not be a problem. 
Unsolved right now:

 - how to bootstrap after modifying configure.in (uncommenting 
enable-multimaster option). Specifically: which autoconf version should be 
used? It seems only the C++ part uses automake, so I won't need this. Do I 
need to call something like 'aclocal' or something like that? Just trying 
tells me you're using autoconf 2.13, and I can just call 'autoconf' - but I'm 
really not familier with the autotools suite so I'd like a confirmation

 - which toolchain? Does/Should it build with gcc-3.3? Does/Should it build 
with gcc-2.95.x? I'll want to use OpenLDAP on OpenBSD and Linux - any special 
issues there? (I ask because I had build failures last week when I tried to 
compile the alpha snapshot last week - I've not investigated yet. I'll try 
cvs now.)

Any recent news how multimaster is going generally? From what I see on the 
list, the last status was that it basically works but lacks a sensible 
recovery after one of the masters fail - but that mail was a while back and 
did not say much.

greetings & thanks for the infos.
-- vbi

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