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Outlook field mappings?


I'm running openLDAP on a linux box, creating address book and looking at it from Outlook 2002 (v10.4219.4219 to be exact)

So, I'm trying to keep the fields to a minimum, and 2 of the ones I want don't seem to work.

When I look at the LDAP server for a user, I _can't_ see the "company" and "country" fields from Outlook 2002. However, if I look at the same user with Outlook Express, I _can_ see the country and company fields fine.

My ldif file looks like:-
uid: <uid>
objectClass: person
objectClass: officePerson
cn: <full name>
givenname: <first_name>
sn: <last_name>
mail: <email_address>
o: <company>
c: <country>

Anyone any ideas on this?