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RE: enable to include objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient

it seems that it has conflit with schema <rfc822-MailMember.schema> and
<misc.schema> .
Both of these file schema include attribute named <rfc822MailMember> .
When these two schema are included in slapd.conf, this causes a conflit.

I commented out in the slapd.conf the include for
and it resolve my problem.

Can someone can confirm my opinion ?

Best regards.

Thierno 6C

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Subject: RE: enable to include objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient

yes, I got : the maillocaladdress attribute is not defined in your
directory's schema files :)

check if you have a schema file that define it, and check if you include
it in your slapd.conf file

Francois Beretti

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> Objet : enable to include objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient
> Hi all,
> I'm try to add entry which contains objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient

> and attributes : mailLocalAddress, mailRoutingAddress and mailHost in 
> my directory. But it failed with this messages :
> -
> adding new entry "uid=sendmail,ou=S2M,o=sunumail.sn"
> ldapadd: update failed: uid=sendmail,ou=S2M,o=sunumail.sn
> ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17)
>         additional info: maillocaladdress: attribute type undefined
> -
> Someone has an idea of what I do wrong ?
> Think in advance
> Thierno6C
> Newbie openLDAP Admin

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