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Configuration issues

Dear friends at openldap-software list:

This is the first time I write. I've just installed RH 9.0 and configured
openldap. I've been having problems.

Following the quick start and a mini-howto I found in the net I customized
the ldap.conf and slapd.conf files. Also, I installed directory

I can access the ldap server with directory administrator and with command
line tools.

When using evolution I can setup the account and check that the base
database is available (evolution does this connecting to the server). But
when I try to access the directory it returns me a message saying that the
server is not reachable. When using squirrelmail with ldap and do a search
all, using ethereal I can see the data going out but squirrelmail gives me

I also tried with outlook in windows and the same goes.

I have checked the acl and it seems fine.

Can you help me?