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RE: About Octet String JDBC Driver

Hello Rahul,

First off let me say that the best place to get answers for the JDBC
drivers is from the OpenLDAP Software mailing list.  That being said:

"1) Difference btw the driver ?? pros and cons of using 
        the driver and which is preferred more over other and 
        in what scenario "
I do not have much experience with Novell's Driver.  I know there are
differences in how the hierarchy of a directory is mapped into tables. 
I believe that Novell's drivers map objectClasses somehow while the
bridge just assumes that the base dn is one table, but it has been
sometime since I have looked at Novell's drivers (if anyone else on the
list has some more experience with Novell's drivers your experiences
would be welcome to this discussion).  

One difference I do know is how results are returned.  Novell's driver
allows two modes of return: expanding a row for multiple attributes and
concatenating multiple attributes into a single field.  The bridge
offers 3 possibilities (in the latest build that will be released in the
very near future) including the above two plus "column" expansion (see

Finally the Bridge is fully open source and licensed under OpenLDAP's

"2) how you map tables and columns to LDAP ? and what 
        exactly Update means to you ? What i meant that Does 
        UPDATE SQL Statement support the same set of operation 
        which ldapmodify support ? "
There is only one table in the bridge, the base of the query.  Columns
are the names of attributes.  Search scope can be specified in the
connection string and in the SQL statement.

The bridge's update statement is much closer to the database idea of an
update, where multiple entries can be changed with a single statement. 
The bridge actually performs a query, retrieves the results and performs
the changes on each entry individually.

I hope this answer's your questions.  More documentation can be found at
our website http://www.octetstring.com/

Marc Boorshtein <marc.boorshtein@octetstring.com>