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Re: iPlanet Directory migration into OpenLDAP

It is interesting how three different base64 decodings of the apparently
the same input each varies in the second character/byte on output.

uudecode -mr

where ghex2 shows the second byte ("?") of the encrypted string as 0x97.

On  9 Sep, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
> "Lloyd H. Meinholz" <lloyd.meinholz@bmpcoe.org> writes:
>> How do you dump the hashes from iPlanet? I'm not getting {SSHA} stuff
>> when I do it via ldapbrowser. I'm getting something like this:
>> userPassword::
>> e1NTSEF9ZZc5eFc0N1hOT2x2YnNIUzBARi9qWmx1N3FzL1gzUnhBbDJMU3c9PQ
>>  ==
>> What the heck is that format???
> dieter@marin:~> mmencode -u
> e1NTSEF9ZZc5eFc0N1hOT2x2YnNIUzBARi9qWmx1N3FzL1gzUnhBbDJMU3c9PQ
>  =={SSHA}e9xW47XNOlvbsHS0@F/jZlu7qs/X3RxAl2LSw=
> base64 encoding of SSHA encrypted password.