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Re: Interoperability with MS Software

> we plan to integrate an ldap directory service.
> for that we are looking for pro's and con's for the 
> diffrent directory services available. 
> One important point still is:
> does MS software integrate into OpenLDAP 
> directly without using a AD-OpenLDAP Proxy of some sort :
>     ISS (FTP, HTTP and HTTPS)

Not certain my what you mean by integration in this context.

>     Exchange


>     MS DNS (if someone is using that)

Again, not certain what level of integration you are talking about. 
Probably not.

>     User- and Printer Management (directly and not through samba)

No.  (Of course WinXP/2000 doesn't use LDAP directely either - despite
all their directory oriented market blather, under the covers they are
still using M$-RPC calls all the time).

Samba 3.x.x w/LDAP does make a very nice PDC however.

If your going to use all M$ software otherwise, just use AD; why are you
bothering even to look at anything else?